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Communication is in our DNA

Doppia Elica, part of F2A since 2022, was founded in 2009 with the aim to create and develop TRUST in its clients’ brands.


Specialised in Press Office, Digital PR and Social Media Management, we provide Clients with the professionalism, skills and creativity needed to define tailor-made communication strategies capable of increasing the notoriety, reputation, value and influence of the brands we work with.


PROACTIVITY, COLLABORATION and QUALITY RESULTS are the 3 key aspects that represent us and on which we base all our activities.

Why choose us

  • We believe in the uniqueness of each brand and create TAILOR-MADE STRATEGIES
  • We develop brand REPUTATION
  • We find NEWS even when hidden
  • We generate and increase the TRUST of media, influencers and consumers in the brand
  • We support the GROWTH of brand awareness with original and appealing content
  • We know the MARKET’s secrets of offline and online media and social networks
  • We have a METHODOLOGY
  • We define and measure KPIs



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