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A good reputation in business is a key element of business success. Achieving success in the marketplace is not only about quality service and products but also about credibility. Current communication channels may not always be reliable, especially in critical situations, but can offer the opportunity to connect with the stakeholders. Within this framework, media relation plays an increasingly strategic and important role.

Doppia Elica helps companies build and manage their business reputation, through a range of Press Office, PR & Media Relations and Digital PR activities, offering the best solutions to guide them through the process of developing a Brand Reputation with the support of the press, radio, TV and web. We believe that a comprehensive knowledge of the information market and the mechanisms behind communication, together with a professionally-based relationship and shared trust which we build with our clients, all represent significant values that make a difference. Doppia Elica is specialised in promoting the brand in the national and international markets, thanks to a network of strategic partners.

Relevant activities include: