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It is essential to understand, oversee and monitor any channel of communication to manage the reputation and the brand of any business effectively. In addition to working with passion and the right approach, it is also necessary to be knowledgeable about the latest technologies, in order to benefit from any communication medium.

KANTAR MEDIA offers the most comprehensive and accurate press, web and social media monitoring service. This service involves a quantitative analysis of the whole press review available or selected articles, enabling the client to know how communication is affected by the media in real time. Such monitoring can provide a real-time analysis of all the contents published on 65,000 websites, 30,000 forums, 100 million blogs and on the main social media in 190 countries around the world.

 MEDIA MONITOR Is an innovative and very powerful real-time media monitoring tool designed to examine contents from any Radio and TV channels. Media Monitor is updated in real time from all radio, TV and web channels 24/7, or at specific times of the day or for particular shows. In addition, it is a tool used by companies to monitor, research, review, and edit audio/video/text content in real time.


We must find a brand new story even if you do not have one. Sometimes, it is necessary to invent one to test consumer preferences through the latest technologies.

Toluna is an important strategic partner operating in digital market research and real-time consumer insights. Thanks to the combination of technology, expertise and the largest global community of influencers, Toluna provides individuals and companies with comprehensive and reliable real-time insights.