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Event Management

Press conferences, meetings with bloggers and influencers, showrooms, conventions, participation in trade fairs or workshops: we support our clients in all the essential moments for creating the right positioning.


For corporate events, we take care of venue search, catering management and IT aspects, selection of photographers and video makers, and the definition of the agenda with the engagement of ideal speakers in target with the Client’s business.


For public speaking opportunities – fundamental for strengthening the brand’s image in the market – we take care, on the other hand, of drafting the text of the speech, review and edit the presentation and, if necessary, translating it from English into Italian, and managing all the logistical and operational aspects as well.


In addition, by participating in the event, we create further opportunities for visibility with the press present and generate engaging content for social media. Creativity and originality are the levers we put at the service of the client’s visibility objectives, transforming each event into ‘news’ for social and press media.

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